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Where we offer articles authored by the “doer’s” in each of CauseACTION’s main areas of focus. 
Prolife — Military Gold Star families — Stopping Sexual violence.

This is the CauseACTION “Warriors and News” section where we have invited the “doer’s” in each of CauseACTION’s main areas of focus. You’ll note that we have broken them out into Prolife, the fight against sexual violence and Military Gold Star families. The Bios of each is included below and we expect to add others. 

Keep this in mind – the intent here is to provide you with inside knowledge and news that you can then pass on and use to take specific actions on at the Take Action Now tab of this site. Keep in mind also that we will very soon be adding the capability to add your voice as part of a larger group to both the Facebook and Twitter feeds of key politicians and industry leaders on their Official Facebook and Twitter Feeds.

Now we know that many of you don’t necessarilly have any experience with such posts. Don’t worry – we’re going to make it very simple and easy to post your messages and I assure you nothing, and I mean nothing gets a politician or industry leader’s attention (or the attention of their Chiefs of Staff) faster and more powerfully than a post on social media. Everybody talks about it but very few people do it. CauseACTION will be leading the way with these concentrated Social Media posts that will be there for all to see.


Passionate to see 2018 be a year of great significance? Let’s set aside politics, the craziness of the latest news-cycle, the noise and busyness of the world -- stirring the patriotism of every American. Soon runners and volunteers will engage Families of the Fallen Heroes, as friends and patriots gather along the cross-county route for the historic Fallen Military tribute. Together, we can make a difference by rising in gratitude to Honor and Remember those who have given so much for our freedoms. Beginning April 7, 2018, Honor and Remember - Official Page is launching a national tribute (George’s inspired vision) — America’s Run for the Fallen — that will honor every fallen military service member who died while serving or as a result of service, during the War on Terror. Rotating teams of dedicated runners, both military and civilian, will traverse more than 6,000 miles, over five months; stopping every mile where a marker will be placed and ceremoniously calling out loud the names of individual fallen military members. Running through 19 states to name every fallen hero who has died as the result of service since the attack on the USS Cole in 2000. America’s Run for the Fallen will be the most comprehensive apolitical individual fallen service member tribute ever organized, honoring nearly 20,000 names, regardless of circumstances of death. We need your help! The Tribute Trail begins at Fort Irwin, CA, on April 7th and ends on August 5th at Arlington National Cemetery, VA. Will you help share this message through your networks? Please consider an interview to share America’s Run for the Fallen. I welcome the opportunity to share more if needed. JOIN US – for a deeply meaningful once in a lifetime experience; blazing the most comprehensive Fallen Military Tribute Trail that brings remembrance to every grieving family. Thank you for sharing with your circles of influence so all US Citizens will know!You will find these links help fill-in many of the details:• Find your Hero on the RUN Route: • Need to add a Hero? Visit, here:• Volunteers: • SIGN-UP for UPDATES: • LEARN MORE:• Media Kit: One Mission | One Team | One Tribute

Posted by Run for the Fallen on Tuesday, March 27, 2018

America’s Run For The Fallen… and the unflinching determination of a father to Honor and Remember our Fallen

There is not much more that I can add to what my friend and Gold Star Dad, George Lutz has put together by sheer will and determination – a 6,000 mile run For The Fallen over 5 months, across the entire country honoring 20,000 Fallen Heroes. It will finish at Arlington National Cemetery in early August.

We don’t do this often at CauseACTION but if I can encourage you to consider donating to Honor and Remember or at Run For The Fallen please do. And perhaps just as importantly, please pass the word along to friends and family. Please vist or

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