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Many of us in the CauseACTION community count ourselves as the new Abolitionists in the battle for the hearts and minds of pro-abortionists.

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It is also true that many folks stay away from the conversation or are “on the fence” and choose to be quiet as abortion is far “too personal” a subject. A good many of these folks do that because they think they are part of an American minority opinion. After all, many men and women, family and friends we know did choose in the past to abort their children.

Let me be clear. I understand that we are dealing with deeply personal matters that are also integral to the deepest (and sometimes darkest) matters of our sexuality. In fact, I believe that abortion is the equally ugly cousin of sexual abuse and violence.

OK, now I am in trouble for sure.

You see, I believe that abortion is not merely the removal of “tissue,” but the taking of a life which left unmolested in the womb can be expected to be a life fully lived outside the womb. I use the word “unmolested” very deliberately.

You see having dealt with hundreds of victims of sexual violence and so-called “prostitution,” it seems to me that when a doctor reaches into a woman’s womb and tears a child apart, there is at least a 50% chance that child is a woman. And just as obviously, cutting and shredding a child into pieces in the womb is performed in and through the very same sexual organs… the same body that we as sexual human beings express love and affection between a man and a woman.

Now before some of you lambast me as “a man who has no right” or hand me “my body/my choice” line or babies “conceived by rape” arguments of babies who won’t have “lives worth living,” spare me.

As a man, father and friend I count myself a responsible player in the wonder of making and raising babies – in my case, some as my “birth” children and some (and no less) my foster and adopted children. And you should know that I have known a number of “whores” (sex-trafficking victims), victims of sexual violence (young and old and male and female).

Am I something special? Heck, no. I promise you that many people who know me by my first name will attest to my flaws. No, I’m just tending to the field I was given in life… just like you.

The point of this Rant…

As opinionated and morally opposed as I am to abortion, I don’t have an ounce of condemnation or “judgment” in my heart for anyone who has had or participated in the ending of a child’s life through abortion. That isn’t my job. I am here to plant and water seed, and I leave it to my merciful God in Heaven to gather the Harvest. I believe that whatever your spiritual convictions are, you can be “so Heaven-bound that you are no earthly good.” We should influence and care by example and action.

So be mindful, respectful and an example of mercy, forgiveness, and caring when you take on this challenging subject of abortion.

And at the end of this Rant, you will find a link to what is in my view, the complete catalog on the issue of abortion facts and the pro-life Abolitionist movement. No moralizing, just the facts, and logic as put together by my good friend Troy Newman, himself a not-aborted,  adopted kid.

P.S. Another personal note if I may – not long after I first came into my full understanding of the abortion challenge decades ago, I dared to gently suggest to the young woman who was cutting my hair that she could choose to keep the baby. I ran into that baby the other day who is now a very much grown-up young man. Whether she ever told him or not I do not know, but as I offered him the man-greeting of his generation (“Hey”), we caught each other’s eyes.  My soul was smiling from ear-to-ear. I saw it in his eyes.

Combat veterans have told me that along with being terrified in the midst of battle, you never will feel more alive than when you hear a bullet whiz past your head and miss.

Perhaps it was my way of interpreting the moment when I met that young man who I knew in the womb, but there was a glint of recognition in his eyes at that moment… almost as if he understood that he had once heard the bullet whiz by his head… and thankfully it missed.


And now, meet my friend and Pro-life warrior extraordinaire (himself an adopted child) 
who has closed dozens of abortion mills without violence and through perfectly legal means.
If you are interested in this complete compendium, please visit
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