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Come on, I know you have seen it … and probably watched this past week, right?

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At the root of CauseACTION is the core conviction that every one of us has an impact on those people who cross our paths. Some of those people we will never even know by first name. So, please take a few moments to watch:

Mike Rowe talk about “Francisco”; an untimely death by a Great White shark;
and a certain Angel by the name of “Clarence Oddbuddy

In 1969, I received a gift – I learned to pursue and risk. The challenge was to spend an entire academic year learning and staging Samuel Beckett’s play: “While Waiting For Godot,” entirely in French, no less. I was scared me to death. I loved it. Been hooked ever since. Thank you, Fr. Gerard.

Recently, Game of Thrones’ star Peter Dinklage reminds us all to make a decision, pursue with passion and then give yourself permission to fail.

Yes, fail. I am still unwrapping that gift I received in 1969… words perfectly written by Samuel Beckett. Hey, what can I say? That gift from Fr. Gerard in 1969 was his trusting me with one of the two lead roles in “While Waiting For Godot.” I’ve been a “filmie” and a legend in my own mind and stage ever since.

Here are those words and the challenge to us all repeated with passion by Peter Dinklage of Game of Thrones fame. “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better. Treat everyone kindly and light up the night.” 

Lord above, it is difficult to watch the press spin and publish so many bald-faced lies with no retractions except when found out. It seems that first-hand testimony is either missing, ignored or offered by someone named “anonymous.” Yeah, apparently President Trump and those of us who support him are misogynist, racist cretins. Really? 

I dare you to watch this African-American woman tell you all about it. I am pretty sure you never saw it on mainstream media though it has been viewed well over 7 million times. 

And remember – knowledge is power and action multiplies that power.

That’s why we built CauseACTION.




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